Earth. Water. Air

"Earth. Water. Air" Exhibition of Arsene Fedosenko photographs

 "I started this project last year, as soon as the snow came down. When I was shooting landscapes, soon realized that my goal is not to search for beauty but truth. Now I first look in itself to find an important story ... And all that I will do and I will say - the real truth "- Arsen Fedosenko

... It's not about what surrounds us, but about what is within us. This is about dependence between external and internal.
Urban landscape is a collective reflection of our indifference that ingrained in our brains and closed our eyes.

Not exotic, but routine, to which we are accustomed. And it does not shock us. We were not responsible for too long and now we habitually hide our eyes and fenced off.

José Ortega y Gasset wrote: "I am I and my circumstance, and if I don't save it I don't save myself".
So it is not necessary to hide behind the fence of consciousness - the world needs your intervention.
And when it changed (and is uncontrollably), these photos will show as a marker - the direction in which there have been changes.