«FUTURE PROFESSIONALS» - the first project in Ukraine of this kind for students. The project includes tours in the world of business and professions, career counseling programs, series of meetings with experts of the largest Ukrainian and international companies, recognized leaders and experts in their field. Business meetings help the children to make an informed choice of their future profession and gives answers to the main questions:

- What kinds of profession exist?

- How modern companies work?

- What kind of education is better to choose for a particular profession?

The purpose of the project is to show "the truth about the adult professional life" to the high school students; to tell how to setup a modern business using the examples of successful companies, how to create and operate modern technology and how to participate in the achievement of results.

Сareer guidance is very important and we want to provide practical knowledge and understanding of the world of professions - providing an opportunity to our youth to try different specialties, to dive into insights of professions, to awaken the interest to become professionals, to ask questions and find an answer to the question "Whom I want to be?"

The project was established in June 2012. During the first 3 months we were able to enlist the support of more than 15 Ukrainian and international companies. A year later, more than 36 companies supported our initiatives and we are constantly attracting new partners. Since October 2012 more than 4,500 high school students and students of higher and secondary educational institutions have visited the offices of our partners.