Hackathon «Team.Hack» 

FUTURA Foundation supported the debut hackathon titled “Team.Hack”, organized by the first Ukrainian design-engineering department for youth – «Geek Workspace» club, created within Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

«Geek Workspace» club – is a community of young people (high school students, pupils and aspirants), united by the common interest for technical studies and information technologies and natural sciences. The general aim of their activity is to release their creative potential and bring forward ideas and initiatives. Most of the club members – are awardees of national and international school Olympiads, scientific contests, themselves being inventors and public activists.

«Team.Hack» - intellectual competition among the smartest programmers, designers and managers – held from March 21 to 23 at the Dovzhenko Film Studio pavilion. The competition gathered 47 participants divided into eight teams. Absolutely all high-school students were invited to participate, after submitting the applications for registration.

Talented programmers, focusing their potential on a single goal, presented a joint project - a cross-platform application organizer, designed for project management.

The project was judged by Maxim Ternovoy, Yandex company spokesman, Dmitry Nikulin - Head of «Time Studia»,  « Vitaliy Mosiychuk - Senior Lecturer of Faculty of Radio Engineering NTU "KPI", Ph.D., Alex Kravets - technical director of advertising at RAPP agency Ukraine. The jury eveluated the design, multi-functionality and convenience provided by the project teams.

Alex Kravets, adressing to the participants told that: «Future waits for you. Sometime ago I heard the same words addressed to me, but I didn’t believe. So, now your time has come and my turn to say that Future is at your hands. It’s important for you to realise that winning is not a victory, but the path to the victory – is what makes all of you win»

The winner of the hackathon was a 1D20 team. The team credits their victory to the lucky chance of uniting together in the exact same group.

Awarding diplomas and gifts is not the end for «Team.Hack» organizers  - ICD has already promised to soon begin training Hackaton on green energy, which they hope will be no less fruitful for the IT-technologies sphere.

All projects born in the club, will be implemented - and offered to companies and specialized organizations. The club also accepts orders for creation of technical developments.