Sunny Day

First Ukrainian hackathon of solar technologies SunnyDay, initiated by youth development laboratory «Geek Workspace» affiliated with the Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the participants of the project EnergyTorrent, was held under European Sustainable Energy Week in Ukraine in the territory of film studio named after O.Dovzhenko.  

About 30 participants from across Ukraine, united by the desire to create something essential for the world and accessible by everyone rather than win and get a reward, were working at the development of solar concentrator, which makes it possible to live without traditional electrical energy.

The majority of modern developments in sphere of solar energy are elaborated in industrial scale. Our young scientists decided to make it available to everyone and to create projects, which can be reproduced at home. This is the main goal for today. The next goal is the creation of renewable energy sources constructor available through the open-source license, which will make solar energy closer to hundreds of thousands people all over the world.

A workshop for children from Slaviansk was held as part of the hackathon. The participants of the workshop had the opportunity to get acquainted with solar energy, to take a look at innovative inventions and to construct mini-installations with the help of construction kits.   

Video report: