T. G. Shevchenko Virtual Archive

T. G. Shevchenko Virtual Archive

Multi-stage project dedicated to celebration of 200 T.G. Shevchenko anniversary

The aim of the project is to provide the public with the free access to the unique primary sources linked to Shevchenko.

In coalition with National Museum of Shevchenko and ELAU company a large archive of more than 10 000 pages was digitized and released to the Internet. 138 archive cases from the deposits of National Shevchenko Museum contain the information about most interesting events covering “Kobzar’s” life.

These unique documents haven’t been so freely released to the public before. Until now the exposition of the Museum featured only a small part of the documents of Museum’s possesion. Most of the materials were only accessible to a small circle of specialists – scholars, aspirants etc. With the intention to preserve those documents and let a wide public study them the project “Virtual Shevchenko” was utilized.

The creation of the free access electronic archive will give scholars, historians, readers a chance to study the original evidence about writer’s life and hopefully encourage Ukrainian museum industry and cultural institutions to further use modern technology for their exhibitions. From now on everybody, who is interested in Taras Shevchenko biography will have a first-hand source of information, without the need to refer to specialists.

Within a framework of the project, FUTURA Foundation supported a new version of Shevchenko National Museum web-page that went online in Septmember 2012.

The site, developed by Electronic Archives of Ukraine (ELAU) company, is a full scale portal, which contains electronic collections of digitized publications and exhibits, virtual tour and media-gallery.

As Dmitro Stus, the General Director of Taras Shevchenko National Museum pointed out, today the Museum is in state of gradual transformation into the scientific and public center. “After the creation of the site we were fascinated by the idea of making a virtual museum, that will help promote Taras Shevchenko on a worlwide scale. And to achieve this, all Shevchenko-related information should be available for everybody in the Internet”, Dmytro Stus said.