Feeling of childhood

An exhibition of photos by Arsen Fedosenko entitled "Feeling of childhood" was held in March 2014. The exhibition was dedicated to the main theme of Arsen's artistic search - discovering childhood. It felt like a beam of sunshine and love in the swirl of contemporary events.

The best role is when an actor plays himself. This is how children appear on Arsen Fedosenko photo portraits.

An artistry of this project is not about making a child stare at the camera and smile, but capturing him in the state of childhood. This is a state of continuous discovery of the world - surprise, delight or disappointment - the manifestations of it are unpredictable and spontaneous. These emotions you cannot provoke artificially, but rather they can be gifted by a child as a result of your patience, sincerity and respect.

The value of such shot comes from the sincerity of the moment. These photos are not only beautiful - they become an evidence, a true portrait of life, not only of a child himself, but also everybody around.