Smart-playgrounds "Lemurashnyk"

The project "LEMURASHNYK" is a new format of children's playgrounds - a smart platform where physical activity is organically combined with the child intellectual development.

The smart-playground is designed for an age of 2 to 10 years with an emphasis on 3-7. The houses on the trees and the passages between them, which do not require insurance or special equipment, are on the basis of the architectural concept. The playground is constructed in the way not to injure trees and to fit organically into the existing landscape.

A significant part of the playground is unique stands for intellectual development: musical instruments, equipment for drawing, kinetic structures and constructors, balancers, etc. Free library with the best Ukrainian and foreign children's publications.

The playground is designed inclusive, maximally accessible for children with disabilities.

There are always master classes, games, quests on the territory of the playground (the cost is included in the entrance ticket). We practice lectures and talks for parents on current topics. The playground and the houses themselves are lit, but we work mostly until dark. There is an opportunity to spend children's birthdays.
There is a possibility for parents to rest, while the child is engaged in team games or master class.

The first "Lemurashnyk" was opened in July 2016 in the territory of Kiev VDNH. The opening of smart playgrounds throughout Ukraine is in our plans. The franchise is available.