FUTURA CITY is the first family center, combining the functions of entertainment and creative development. FUTURA CITY uses a globally known format, but brings modern elements of a "smart city" in it - the childhood fantasies about the future.

FUTURA CITY - a model of the city with all its attributes from airport to pizzeria, from bank to beauty salon. FUTURA CITY has its own city administration, currency, laws and traditions. Here everything is just as in a real city, except that all the citizens are children.

In a playful manner children explore various spheres of life, and by virtue of the immersion method, get a real idea of ​​the variety of professions.

Here, children will be able to make a meal, to get into the plane's cockpit, extinguish the fire, work as a detective, make medical diagnoses, explore the role of editor and DJ on radio and even become a mayor.