Montenegro is often called "Adriatic Pearl". This is a unique country with a blue ocean, well-groomed sand and pebble beaches, beautiful nature and clean air. By the way, do you know what  Lord Byron said about it?

"At the moment of the birth of our planet, the most beautiful meeting of land and sea took place in Montenegro"

But this is only a small part. Wildlife Montenegro coexists in harmony with the small towns, resorts and monuments of ancient architecture. And there is a tour where you can see what most "beachgoers" usually pass.

In our expedition, we will see not only the historical and holy places, we will not only rest on the rocky shores of the Adriatic Sea, but also we will cross the country from South to North of the country and enjoy the views from the bird's-eye view!

Fund "Futura" mission is the development and discovery of unique territories and we support the development of tourism in Montenegro and in the national park Durmitor. We invite you to gather your own collections of impressions.

We have created a web site Prival Club, which is located in the Zabljak town. Zabljak is situated in the Durmitor National Park at an altitude of nearly 1,500 meters above sea level and is considered the highest settlement in the whole of Europe. It is a small town in the Northern part of Montenegro surrounded by numerous lakes and lots of mountain peaks.

Zabljak is surrounded by five canyons inhabited by more than 300 animals and 130 species of birds. Some were able to survive from the Ice Age time. There are lakes and mountain caves, where the snow does not melt even in summer. Stalactites and stalagmites are iridescent, creating an indescribable mysterious atmosphere in these caves.

We created the journey for those who want to get lots of different experiences in a short time. You can create your own routes from 2 till 12 days.

One of the our favourite expeditions - MONTENEGRIN GAMMA.

(Climbing the four major peaks of Montenegro):

  • Bobotov Kuk (2523м)
  • Bjelasica (2139м)
  • Rumija (1600м)
  • Lovcen(1750м)

At the same time, climbing is available for those who already have experience in the mountains, and those who first decided to test himself. In Montenegro, all the conditions to not only take a dip in the sea and soak up of the sun on the beach, but also make fascinating hiking!

Information about the Prival Club, activity, attractions and with a detailed description of the expedition can be found on the website: