Futura Ethno Lodge

Futura Ethno Lodge

Protection of the natural reserve near Tsipovo (Moldova), creation and maintenance of the unique Futura Ethno Lodge recreation complex and preserving the traditional moldvian culture and crafts.

Futura Ethno Lodge hotel complex in Tsipovo village is the unique domain for a social and economic transformation of the region.

The aim of the project is protection of the Tsipova natural reserve and Dniestr basin, restoration of the traditional ethnic crafts, development of the transport infrastructure, creating more jobs in the sector of the green tourism.

The project will help re-open Moldova as a unique tourist destination and preserve the authentic spirit of Tsipova region for the future generations. The mission is to create an eco-centric environment in which man, society and nature will play as equal partners.

Futura Ethno Lodge domain – is not about tourist impressions, but rather significant transformation under conditions of ecological, informational and mind pureness.


Futura Ethno Lodge is here to prove that basic life components can be connected naturally and effectively. 

  • Nature as a primordial reference point of our existance
  • Scienticic and technical development, relevant to current global needs
  • Continuous spiritual work of humans which is required to experience the Meaning of everyday occurrence.

The support of establishing of an eco-domain in Tsipovo – is part of a big strategy of restoring the unique places of cultural and historical heritage of the Eastern Europe and Black sea area. What drives us to utilize this project – is a dream to see all those great landmarks flourished with life, preserved and re-opened for future ages.