The historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine

ELAU company (Electronic Archives of Ukraine) offers a full range of standard and individual solutions for creation of electronic archives of enterprises and provides information resources for cultural and educational institutions.

One of the focal points of ELAU activity is utilizing the multi-task projects in digitizing the originals of documents and publications for cultural, educational, scientific institutions (museums, libraries, archives). The projects described below is only a small part of all assignments fulfilled by current date. This became possible with the support of company’s loyal partner – FUTURA culture and innovations Foundation.

M.Dragomanov electronic collection 

For scientific library of National pedagogical M.P. Dragomanov university an electronic collection named “M.Dragomanov – is a prominent national figure” was created.

Collection was formed by more than 20 rare books, dated from 1878 – 1924. These include not only literary and publicist works by Myhaylo Dragomanov, but also biographical texts, collections, correspondence. Among those are also works by Myhaylo Galuschinsky, David Zaslavsky, Myhaylo Pavlik, a disciple and representative of Dragomanov’s ideas.

Project to 1000 anniversary of St.Sofia Cathedral foundation

More than 2000 glass photoplates from National Sofia Kyivska sanctuary were converted to digital form using a image processing technology specially developed by ELAU company.

These are items from academic Ippolit Morgilevsky collection and collection of negatives, which Academy of Sciences returned to the Sofia museum after WWII in 1959.

The aim of the project is to preserve the unique images of not only Ukrainian but also foreign architectural landmarks.

A project worth of special attention is a photo-documentation of lost treasures of St. Michael’s Golden-Domed cathedral, a church of the Assumption of the our lady Pyrohoscha, Assumption cathedral of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and others.

The project was dedicated to 1000 anniversary of St.Sofia Cathedral foundation.

Historic heritage of Ukraine

The aim of the project – is preserving and public promotion of cultural and historical heritage objects in possession of National historic library of Ukraine, many of which are of national and worldly importance.

The project highlights:

  • A website of National historic library was redesigned
  • An image-catalogue of all library’s publications was created, which is now 24/7 available for the readers of the whole world via Internet.
  • More than 120 unique ethnographic rare publications were digitized, many of which only exist in few copies in the world.
  • Start of the creation of the electronic reading-room for readers of the library.

Electronic collection of the Lviv region scientific-pedagogical library

With the support of FUTURA foundation, the electronic collection of the Lviv region scientific-pedagogical library was expanded by number editions. More than 90 works by Ukrainian writers and Ukrainian translations from the world literature are now available in electronic form for the visitors of the library. 

The project is focused at promoting Ukrainian language, culture and historical self-acknowledgement through a range of cultural, scientific, informational activities, strengthening a Russian-speaking patriotic communities on a scale of village, town or a city.

Electronic collection of local history publications

In dedication to 1530 anniversary of Ukraine’s capital foundation, a collection of old-printed and rare ethnographical editions about Kiev was digitized from the deposits of Lesya Ukrainka Public library. 

Electronic collection of ethno-graphical editions is now available for free for worldwide readers. Works of M.Hrushevsky, N. Zakrevsky, souvenir photalbums and Kyiv tourist guides from ХIX – beginning of ХХcentury are now released to the Internet.