Libraries in the digital world

BILBLIOTEKAR.IN.UA is a project created by «Electronic Archives of Ukraine» company, an open platform, where all data from digitization projects ever utilized in Ukraine will be collected. The site is a kind of a bridge between a library and a reader, a place to popularize data, express and discuss ideas.

The project is created for everybody, who is interested in digitization projects, those who care about Ukraine’s libraries future, people wanting to know more about protecting cultural and historical heritage via digital technologies.

The site features:
- information about already digitized collections, access to them,         history of their creation and their importance for history/science/culture, statistical data

- a portal where actual professional issues are raised – about professional equipment, software, products and solutions for libraries. Besides analytical reports, articles we are ready to provide consultation help to Ukrainian librarians, who begin their digitization projects. 

- interesting studies, interview, new projects are posted along with the information about future professional or cultural events, first-hand comments about the industry.
Let’s together form up the library and informational culture of Ukraine!

We wish you a nice virtual journey on «Library in digital world» portal.