«Barabooka» project


«Barabooka» project. A first Ukrainian professional infoportal about publishing for children and youth.

What we strive for:

Barabooka dreams BIG: to constantly change the world for better. As long as there’s no magic pills for that, Barabooka hopes for a good, fair, courageous, responsible and intelligent people. They don’t just come out of the blue. They grow out of sincere and curious children.

"If you want to change the world – you yourself should become a change” once said Gandhi. Every child can do this much faster than any adult. For this one has to grow old receiving love and inspiring examples. Mankind is constantly, in many ways providing such examples and models - from book translations to the latest digital gadgets. Most widespread of those, of course, are and will always be books.

It is very crucial to choose trustworthy books for children. 

What are truthfull books, how they influence children and the world, what is the use of reading nowadays – this is what Barabooka aims to discover, together with writers, psychologists, philosophers, opinion-makers and children themselves.

The sections of the resource are different in approach to literature and are targeted at broad audience: parents and kids, who already wish to choose books for themselves and also professional community of scholars, teachers, librarians. On Barabooka pages you can find a book review by child as well as from science professor.

The focus of our attention – is national, Ukrainian writers and illustrators, translators. Meanwhile there’s much room for world trends in publishing for children and advice about encouraging children to read more.

Portal content:

  • Reviews by professionals on books released by Ukrainian publishing houses (new releases and old books, still found in stores and in libraries) – for those who chooses a book for their kids.
  • Discussion about right approach to choosing books, about benefits of reading  - interviews with Ukrainian and foreign psychologists, educators, writers, artists literary critics;
  • Dialogue with best authors, illustrators, publishers and researchers of children's books - about childhood, reading and creativity, education and development;
  • News about best-awarded Ukrainian publications for children and young people;
  • Reviewing excellent foreign editions for kids.
  • Advice on where to find fascinating books – audio and interactive books in stores.
  • Significant literature events and invitations for exhibitions, new books presentations related to publishing for children, events from Barabooka.
  • Discussing books and sharing our passion for them
  • Cherishing children altogether and changing the world for better :)