"Agromantika" Exhibition of Arsen Fedosenko photographs

The greatest force of nature is a thirst for life.

The most magical is its ability to heal itself.

The most unfathomable is its generosity - every effort gives the result.

The wisdom of nature is that rise and fall, life and death are not final, but the stages of the process, which always follow to each other.

"Those, whose vocation to cultivate the land, became the object of my passion and research, and the product they created is unique, because there is a synthesis of the energies of Nature and the Creator" - Arsen Fedosenko.

The purpose of the project is to encourage people who are tired of urban life, the establishment of environmental or agro-projects, or at least just stick beans in a pot on a window. In each action, you will succeed - because you cooperate with Nature...

Author - Arsen Fedosenko, photographer. Arsen works in the direction «Fine art»- photography and projects dedicated to families, teams and production. His works are in private collections in Ukraine and Europe.