1576.ua - constantly updated electronic library of the Ukrainian world.

Founders of the Library believe that the driving energy of Ukraine is its spiritual energy, which is manifested in the forms of literature, music, art, theology, science, philosophy - the energy that has been accumulated over the centuries, forming the idea, the essence of what we call Ukraine.

To accept the heritage of the whole country (not just the part of it) means to cover all the ages, all the peoples who lived on this soil, and most importantly - to name everyone who contributed to the creation of the Ukrainian world.

Create - it means to overcome the fragmentation and, as a consequence, to tame the chaotic reality. In order to overcome chaos one has to create a reference point , defined as the time and place - hence the name of the resource: 1576 – a year of foundation of Ostrog Academy, the first institution of higher education in Eastern Europe, which, for many years, went ahead of spiritual pursuits of theologians and scientists, philosophers and writers.

Electronic library 1576.ua was founded as an evidence of an unified spiritual and cultural space which has its own science and art, the history and the tradition.

The idea of the of the library is based on two main principles:

1. time - in the sense of an era;

2 . geography - place of origin, action and creation of ideas and people.

At the intersection of time and place we can find what we seek - Ukraine.

1576.ua as a nonprofit project offers the reader a rich diversity of the archive literature , including periodicals, manuscripts, documents , and epistolary drama . In section of the philological literature there is  an array of literary texts , which are often hard to find in the printed version, in particular works by the Ukrainian authors and translations of foreign literature in the Ukrainian language. The site also hosts one of the largest in Ukraine archives of young literature . The other section - collection of scientific critical sources often becomes useful when writing scientific papers and preparing for training seminars .

The resource is designed both for those users who are looking for specific information , and to those who are willing to travel with us through the maze of corridors and libraries . We welcome every guest and we hope that the time spent with us will give you the knowledge of the past and present of Ukraine, and , consequently, lighten up faith in its future.